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A private and personalized social network integrating the resident, the members of their friends and family circle, staff, and their community. Access to an in-app marketplace where loved ones can send and receive gifts, and allow access for the senior to purchase basic necessities and items to aid their leisure. Specialized services catered towards the specific needs of seniors including hairdressing, transportation, pet grooming, classes, socialization, or fitness.

Facility & Family-wide Communication & Notification

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Secure Document Sharing & Storage

With HIPAA-compliant encryption, store medical records, prescriptions, or healthcare updates to share with family or professionals

Interactive Digital-to-Print News Feed

Ready to post newsfeed with access to live updates, facility messaging, real-time communication, photos, and more

Concierge Services

Browse personalized concierge services transportation, housekeeping, personal care, companionship, and so much more

eCommerce Market

Offers a variety of supplies, gifts, and necessities - all from trusted vendors in your local area

Crisis Management

Ease your mind and stay in touch with crisis alerts sent directly to your phone, anytime 24/7

Scheduling, Agenda, & Menu Management

All-inclusive application to book appointments, view agendas, or browse menu options

Room Booking

Reserve guest suites, rent rooms, or switch rooms through our secure room booking platform


Take control of IPC with real-time health and function updates directly from the facility employees before, during, and after sessions


Raise funds for charities, events, or to give a holiday gift to the staff through a secure connection

Community Management

Lifestone Link helps create a peace of mind for families and residents. By keeping the residents engaged with their online community, we not only reduce social isolation but also create a safe technological forum for seniors to join. Through their online community, they can increase independence with access to our eCommerce partners, concierge services, and our educational course offerings. All of these capabilities help the resident’s loved ones maintain a closer and more involved relationship, even from thousands of miles away.

Feature Pack Detail

  • A private and personalized social network integrating the loved one, the members of their family, and the staff of the community.
  • A personalized paper magazine or postcard is also sent to the resident.
  • A shared agenda allowing the family to know all the activities offered and events organized by the establishments.
  • A secure space to share documents with individuals approved family members.
  • Simple to use communication tools from executive to care teams
  • Access to an online store dedicated to seniors residing in your establishments.
  • Gift items, basic necessities, and luury items can be found by a click of a button.
  • Enrich the community by integrating products offered by local suppliers, selected by the establishment.
  • Specialized services range from hairdressing to cosmetic care, pedicure to fitness, reading to chatting sessions, and registration to local or community events.
  • The community can, if it wishes, enrich the offer by integrating services offered by local providers.
  • A space for booking physical or virtual visits for families and communities.
  • Services also include an adapted osteopathy program.

Partner With Us

Lifestone Link is the fastest growing resident engagment platform in Europe, and is ready to expand to the US. Our goal is to provide connection, empowerment, and dignity through technology for today’s aging loved ones, their families, and the teams that care for them. We are currently looking for strategic partners in the senior living industry that would like to work together symbiotically as we begin our launch in the US. If you wish to be a part of our family, contact us to find out more.

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