Customer Engagement

Keeping seniors engaged in their environments is one of the most well known methods for staving off memory care, so by using science to help combat the social isolation that can be experienced in a care setting, we hope to make a difference in the quality of care and life for seniors.

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Educational courses for hundreds of topics geared towards seniors
Engagement Tools
Schedule a virtual or physical visit
Easily view and sign up for activities
Interactive news feed with photos and videos

The benefits of incorporating the LongLife app into your facility are endless:

1. Increased resident and family satisfaction.
2. Increased positive brand perception.
3. A decisive, innovative lead on your competition.
4. Increased outside revenue potential.
5. More streamlined communication.
6. More efficient use of staff and resources.
7. Greater data insight.
8. Increased occupancy.
9. Opportunity for early life cycle capture.
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A private and personalized social network integrating the senior, the members of their friends and family circle, staff, and their senior community.
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Boutique Pack

Access to an in-app marketplace where loved ones can send and receive gifts, and allow access for the senior to purchase basic necessities and items to aid their leisure.
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Concierge Pack

Specialized services catered towards the specific needs of seniors including hairdressing, transportation, pet grooming, classes, socialization, or fitness.